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Commercial Systems
The SolarEis principle can be used in office buildings, greenhouses, sports halls, hotels and shops. In  addition to offering an economic and security benefit, the Solar Ice System contributes to an environmentally friendly image for the client involved.

In the future, customers will have to look carefully at who they get their products and services from and consider the social commitment of their partners. Our customers (for example from the hotel business) now even promote theirself successfully with their energy balance.
Story PDF (currently only in german)
Principle (PDF currently only in german)
Single family home System SE 12
The heat source system Solar Ice SE 12 is designed to operate with brine / water heat pumps for heating buildings with a maximum of 7.5 kW heating load designed (monovalent operation with 1800 full operating hours).

The heat source system Solar Ice SE 12 is a bundle consisting of:

  • 1 x 12 m  Solar Ice storage
  • 5 x Solar Ice collector
    Roof mounting kit included
    (Optional flat-roof stands at an additional cost)
  • 1 x Solar Ice Manager SE Basic

Other individual systems like the
Solar Ice SE 38, or systems up to
1000 m Solar Ice storage are available.

Solar Ice Manager

The Solar Ice Manager is the central control unit of the SolarIce storage system SE 12.

The integrated system allows the distribution of solar heat on 3 levels (domestic hot water heating and storage SolarEis) for optimal utilization of solar heat to maximum yield.

If necessary, individual layers are deactivated when no domestic hot water is available.

The Solar Ice Manager unit allows easy and time saving installation and is operational in a few easy steps.

  • With an ice storage system you are independent of other energy sources.
  • Unlike groundwater, deep wells or land register, you don't need an lengthy approval process.
  • The Ice storage system is inexpensive and its cost can be recouped in no time.

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