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Savings History
Highlights Winter Heating / Summer Cooling concept
New construction or renovation
Private building owners
Those who dare, who build, want to do everything right! Keep construction and energy costs down, quality and energy efficiency up. Whether turnkey or customized with a developer to build with architects - the Solar Ice system is right for you.

More and more builders and renovators choose the combination of different renewable energy sources. Energy-conscious living and save on heating costs is becoming more important because heating and hot water in the average household comprise about 70 percent of energy consumption.
Solar Ice is safe and protects against unpleasant surprises
Security and independence are two very important aspects that will play an increasingly important role.
When choosing the Solar Ice System, future energy price increases won't ever harm you.

The energy savings during heating is about 50 - 60 percent. While other heating system to use, at best, two renewable energy sources, Solar Ice uses up to five renewable energy sources (solar, wind, earth, water and ice) and therefore is clearly superior to other systems in terms of flexibility.

Geothermal wells provide a massive intrusion into nature. It happens again and again that in the area of ground probes massive damage is caused. In many cases, the involved parties are in dispute for years over who must pay for the damage.

The Solar Ice system is brilliantly simple and requires very few components for which we provide extended  warranty. By working closely with certified local partners, we ensure the timely exchange or repair of failed components.


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