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Savings History
Highlights Winter Heating / Summer Cooling concept
While geothermal plants often suffer from reduced performance due to cooling of the ground or ice, provide the storage Solar Ice storage provides reliable results with no surprises.
Production and operating costs can be calculated reliably. After about six years, the investment costs will have been paid off by using renewable forms of energy. If energy costs continue to rise, your pay off time will be even shorter.
The Solar Ice storage system is fascinating and environmentally friendly. By integrating up to five energy sources, an optimum efficiency and high efficiency are achieved. The storage of energy in water and ice at low temperature level is cost effective. The effectiveness of the system is given even without the use of expensive insulation.
The Solar Ice storage system does not represent any danger to the groundwater, and can even be used in ground water protection areas. An approval process as for earth drilling is not necessary. The CO2 impact is almost zero.

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