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Save sunlight for the winter und ice for the summer
  • In winter use the stored heat energy of the last summer for heating.
  • In summer use the stored cold energy of the last winter for cooling.
  • In spring and autumn use the daily stored heat energy by night and the nightly stored cold energy by day.
Store free renewable energy when available
Store free renewable energy troughout the year from Sun, Earth and Air

      Energy from Sun 

      Energy from Earth

      Energy from Air
Use free renewable energy when needed
Use free renewable energy for heating or hot water treatment. Use free renewable energy for cooling

Large energy storage due to crystallization energy

Freezing of water at 33 Fahrenheit (0 dagrees Celsius) to Ice produces the same amount of energy (crystallization energy) you get from hot water at 176 Fahrenheit (80 dagrees Celsius) cooling down to 33 Fahrenheit (0 dagrees Celsius).

Huge amount of energy due to crystallization energy


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