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Air collector system

SolarVentilation - simple and efficient ... even when there's no-one at home
Heating and ventilation made easy with solar energy:
fresh outside air is filtered and drawn in through the heat insulated air collector made from aluminium. In doing so, the fresh air is heated and channelled into the house via an insulated pipe. When the desired room temperature is reached, the system automatically switches off with the help of a thermostat.
SolarAir collectors automatically ventilate without any loss of energy as soon as the sun shines!
Simply good ...

for you and your health:
healthy indoor climate thanks to fresh air and heat

for your house:
heating, ventilation and protection against dampness even when you are away

for the future:
durable and low-maintenance with quality from Germany
TWINSOLAR compact - fully ready for operation as the technology is located in the collector
  • Independent system with integrated photovoltaic module, easily installed also by a skilled handyman;
  • Collector sizes: from 1.3-6m;
  • maximum pipe length for the air distribution: 3m
  • Technical Data (PDF)
TWINSOLAR modular - with external ventilator for larger installations
  • Independent system with integrated photovolatic module, installation by a certified specialist;
  • Collector sizes: from 4.0-12.5m;
  • maximum pipe length for the air distribution: 20m
  • Technical Data (PDF)

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