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Grammer Solar System

GRAMMER SOLAR is in the professional world the name for innovative solar technology for more than 30 years.
Made in a zero-emission factory, produced in collaboration with renowned institutes, the systems of GRAMMER SOLAR has always stood for performance and quality.

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Based on a network of partners all over the word, the GRAMMER SOLAR-systems are in international distribution.

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TWINSolar Technical Data (PDF)
TOPSolar Technical Data (PDF)
JUMBOSolar Technical Data (PDF)

From the alpine hut to the industrial hall
As soon as the sun shines, air collectors are a source of fresh and warm air. As air neither freezes nor boils, air collector systems are very reliable in operation - regardless of whether they are one or one hundred square metres in size.
"Goodbye stale air" - SolarVentilation
TWINSOLAR compact collectors are completely ready for operation and easy to install thanks to their integrated technology - skilled handymen can do it themselves. The solar ventilation creates a pleasant and healthy indoor climate which is free from mould and dampness in weekend and holiday homes.
Three in one - the SolarAir complete system

Heat, fresh air and hot water from one system A SolarAir installation brings old buildings into the solar age. In addition to solar heating support and warm water, solar ventilation also comes free with this.
No size limits with JumboSolar

Solar Ventilation or Drying, for pre-heating air for ventilation installations or in production processes - JumboSolar collectors are used wherever large volumes of air are required. Thanks to large solar areas and the cost-efficient price, a great deal of money and energy can be saved with solar energy.

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