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SunnySave air collectors for heating, ventilation and dehumidification.

The SunnySave Solar Air Heat collector is a high performance solar air collector that almost reaches the physical limits of solar heat transfer physics in transforming solar light into hot air. The collector sends free, dry and warm air into the building.
As soon as the sun shines, air collectors are a source of fresh and warm air. As air neither freezes nor boils, air collector systems are very reliable in operation - regardless of whether they are ten or thousand square feet in size.
SunnySave solar air collectors are completely ready for operation and easy to install thanks to their integrated technology - skilled handymen can do it themselves.

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SALA absorber (TM)
Our solar air collectors use the most efficient Solar Air Lamellar Absorber (SALA*) absorber technology, for optimized sun collection, airflow and heat transfer.

(*patent pending)

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